Unlock Innovative Partnerships with Origami Lounge: Explore Collaboration Opportunities


At Origami Lounge, we believe in the power of collective creativity, and we are open to a range of exciting collaborations that align with our brand ethos. Our collaboration avenues include:
- Become a Stockist: Join us in bringing our foldable furniture to a wider audience by becoming an official stockist.
- Events or Bulk Orders Enquiries: If you're planning a special event or need a bulk order of our innovative stools, we are here to assist. Share your requirements, and we'll explore how we can add a touch of Origami Lounge to your occasion.
- Showroom and Pop-Up Shops: Are you interested in featuring our products in your showroom or pop-up shop? We're excited to discuss how we can collaborate to create an engaging retail experience.
- Business Partnership: If you have a collaboration idea that goes beyond the usual, we're all ears. Let's brainstorm and create something extraordinary together.
- Interior Design Projects: Origami Lounge stools can add a unique touch to interior spaces. If you are an interior designer looking for distinctive furniture pieces, let's explore how our stools can complement your projects.
- Sustainable Furniture Collaboration: If sustainability is at the heart of your brand, we're eager to collaborate on projects that promote eco-consciousness and innovative design.
Your vision and ideas matter to us. This is your opportunity to join hands with Origami Lounge and make something exceptional. Please use the contact form below to share your collaboration aspirations, and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can make them a reality.