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Experience the seamless fusion of Art, Engineering, and Sustainability with our exclusive collection of collapsible stools, which fold in just two seconds into the size of a book.
4 stools unfolded eco friendly leather cushion black red white brown


4 stools folded eco friendly book size black red white brown


3 white foldable stools minimalistic elegan design on wooden floor

Innovative Foldable Stools that Combine Style, Practicality, and Eco-Friendliness

Elevate your space with Origami Lounge

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Embrace the Artistry and Engineering behind our Creations

The Art of Origami

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Discover the Durability of Cellulose-based Design, Supporting up to 300kg Weight !

Where Sustainability Meets Strength in Style

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Elevate your surroundings with Sustainable Sophistication

Our stools are primarily made from 100% recyclable honeycombed cellulose, a natural fiber derived from wood. The engineering behind the honeycomb structure elevates the rigidity and strength of the wood pulp allowing our stools to support up to the incredible weight of 300kg!
Adopt the Craftsmanship and Eco-friendly elegance proving that Style and Environmental consciousness can go hand in hand.

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unfolded black stool leather cushion ribbon elastic premium details

Smart Elastic band

Once folded to the size of a book, this Smart Elastic Band feature ensures hassle-free organisation and maximises space efficiency.

Invisible Magnet System

As you extend the stool, the invisible magnets discreetly align and secure the sides together, allowing for quick and hassle-free assembly.
This intuitive magnet component ensures a sturdy connection while providing the convenience of effortless unfolding.

Leather Cushion

Elevate your comfort with our Premium padded PU Leather Cushion for long-lasting seating, complimentary addition.

Design Ribbon

Integrated stylish ribbon serves a dual purpose: not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of the stool, but it also provides an additional level of fastening to keep the fold securely in place.

Versatile Foldable Stool

Honeycomb-accordion structure, providing exceptional strength to support up to 300kg.
Crafted from eco-friendly materials. Its multi-purpose design serves as a Stool, Side table, or Bedside table, adapting to your needs.
What sets it apart is its innovative ability to shrink down to the size of a book, enabling effortless and space-efficient storage.
Elevate Your Space with Origami Lounge: Where Style, Practicality, and Eco-Friendliness Unite
I've always struggled to have enough seats when I host drinks and dinners at home, with the smart Origami Stools I just tuck them away discreetly on my bookshelf and use them whenever I need.

Alex. C

I've used it as a stool and side table, and bought a second one to use as a bedside table in my bedroom! Highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a smart and stylish solution for their space.

John D.

Absolutely love the product! The foldable design is genius and so convenient for my small apartment. It's sturdy, stylish, and versatile.

Kate W.

It always provides the "wow" effect to my guests when I unfold them in just a few seconds.

Olivia S.


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